City of Fort Smith, Arkansas

Utility Department

Industrial User Surveys

A City-Wide Industrial User Survey is currently being conducted to better identify those facilities that might be covered under the City's Pretreatment Program.


Industrial User Survey Form (PDF) »



Do I need to fill out this survey if I do not manufacture anything or if I am not currently operating a business?


Yes, by informing us of your business name and providing a brief description of your business, we can remove you from the mailing list.


What is meant by bulk chemicals?


Fifty-Five (55) gallons or more of non-hazardous chemicals and/or Five (5) gallons or more of Hazardous chemicals.


How do I find my average monthly water consumption?


The water usage in CCF is listed in the upper left hand corner of your water bill. A photocopy of your water bill may be included to explain average water usage.


I rent office space and the water bill is included in the rent. How do I report my average monthly water consumption?


In the space provided for the Account Number, indicate that you pay the water bill as part of your rent.


What is a Standard Industrial Classification Code?


A code representing a category within the Standard Industrial Classification System administered by the Statistical Policy Division of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget. The system was established to classify all industries in the U.S. economy. A two-digit code designates each major industry group, which is coupled with a second two-digit code representing subcategories. In the event you cannot find a SIC code for your business, please provide a thorough description of your business.

Questions about the Pretreatment Program?