City of Fort Smith, Arkansas

Utility Department

Private Service Line Defect RemediationProgram

Private service line defect remediation project INFORMATION COMING SOON!


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Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP)

Private service line defect replacement program for Eligible residential property owners 


The City's Wastewater Collection and Treatment System ("WCTS") becomes a conduit for storm water when defective Private Service Lines allow rain or groundwater to enter the WCTS. The purpose of this Supplemental Environmental Project ("SEP") is to reduce extraneous flows, including inflow and infiltration caused by defects in private service lines serving residences from entering the WCTS through Private Service Lines. This project was undertaken in conjunction with the settlement of an enforcement action, United States et al. v. City of Fort Smith, (C.A. No. 2-14-cv-02266-PKH, W.D. Ark.), taken on behalf of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Water Act. For purposes of this SEP, a defective private service line is any Private Service Line connected to the WCTS that allows the introduction of extraneous flow or debris, such as storm water, surface water runoff, ground water, roof runoff or root intrusion.


Residential property owners must meet the financial guidelines of family income (Attachment A) in order to qualify for SEP payment of the costs of the Private Sewer Line defect remediation for their homes. The financial guidelines are based on 2010 census information identifying moderate, low, and very low income residential property owners.


For more information and the application please click here or call 479.494.3907.